PDFCool Studio - 7 categories and 60 editing functions

    • Why is PDFCool Studio called All-in-one PDF Editor?
      This APP includes almost all functions involving PDF editing, including 7 categories and 60 functions in total, many of which have never appeared in the PDF software market:

    • Category A: Editing without changing and losing PDF format:
      1) Edit Text;
      2) Add text;
      3) Delete text;
      4) Search and replace all specific text in a PDF document (for example, replace all "his" in a PDF with "her");
      5) Search and replace all specific text in the specified pages (for example, replace all "his" in pages 2,5,8,12,66 with "her");
      6) Search and batch delete all specific text in the specified page;
      7) Change Text Colors;
      8) Add Underline or StrokeLine for any text;
      9) Apply Bold or Italic style for any text;
      10) Open multiple documents for editing at the same time;

      • Category B: Page level editing
        1) Copy, cut and paste any pages within the same PDF or between several PDF documents;
        2) Delete, duplicate and insert pages;
        3) Import pages with external documents and pictures as PDF;
        4) Replace some pages of a PDF document with some pages of another PDF document;
        5) Rotate the pages (rotate part or all of the PDF pages by 90,180 or 270 degrees)
        6) PDF page merge (one PDF page is fused as the background of another PDF document, and the transparency and angle can be adjusted)
        7) Crop all or specified pages of PDF documents;
        8) Resize all or specified pages of PDF documents;
        9) Arbitrarily change the position of a PDF page in the document;
        10) Export all or specified pages as pictures (15 formats are supported);
        11) Export all or specified pages as new PDF documents;

      • Category C: Document level editing
        1) Import an external PDF document as part of the current PDF;
        2) Split a PDF document in multiple ways;
        3) Combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF (you can specify which pages of each PDF document will be combined);
        4) Insert an external PDF into the current PDF document (you can specify which pages to insert);
        5) Compress one or more PDF documents;
        6) Accurately compare two PDF documents (compare from dozens of aspects such as text and structure to generate a detailed report)
        7) Add, delete and extract attachments for PDF documents;
        8) Add headers and footers for PDF documents (templates can be created);
        9) Add watermark for PDF documents (template can be created);
        10) Add solid color and graphic background to PDF, or even use other PDF documents as the background (with adjustable transparency);
        11) Edit PDF document properties (author, title, creator, keywords, etc.)
        12) Custom PDF info (store/retrieve custom info under a keyword);

      • Category D: Format conversion
        1) Convert PDF to 20 formats (doc, text, html, jpg, png, gif, jpg2000);
        2) Convert 50 formats to PDF (doc, ppt, excel, jpg, and any printable files);
        3) Extract the text and pictures in the specified pages and save them as a Doc document;
        4) Convert from online webpage to PDF;
        5) Create a PDF from clipboard;

      • Category E: PDF Security
        1) Professional and powerful PDF security policy planning (provide a large number of templates);
        2) Easily set PDF printing, assembly, copy and export permissions;
        3) Use passwords to decrypt PDF documents in batches (you can set a batch of possible passwords);

      • Category F: Other functions
        1) Export all or specified pictures in a PDF document;
        2) Replace all or specified pictures in a PDF document with external pictures;
        3) Use graphics filters to process all or specified images in PDF documents;
        4) Delete or compress all or specified pictures in a PDF document;
        5) Insert a picture or logo at the designated position of any PDF pages;
        6) Graphical all or specified pages of PDF (like changing editable PDF into scanned PDF)
        7) Add hotspot to the PDF, it can link to web pages, attachments, other PDFs or local files;
        8) Add hotspot to the PDF, it can link to some javascript;
        9) Add barcode on PDF pages;
        10) Font management (adding or replacing embedded fonts in PDF documents)
        11) Bookmark management (rename, add, delete, copy, paste bookmarks)
        12) Put the operations to be repeated into the batch processor to repeatedly batch process a batch of documents;
        13) PDF printing function with parameter options;

      • Category G: PDF Browsing and Reading
        1) Multi document mode (multiple PDFs can be read and edited at the same time);
        2) Horizontal or vertical scrolling, single page or continuous scrolling mode;
        3) Search, zoom in, and zoom out on PDF;
        4) Easy to use and powerful thumbnail browsing and navigation mode;
        5) Easily switch between bookmark and thumbnail navigation modes;

  • PDF Creating


    PDFCool Studio enables you to create PDF file from Word, Doc, Html, PPT, RTF, EXCEL, JPG, PNG, JPEG2000, images and any printable files. You can create PDF document directly from the webpages by entering the url. You can also create PDF from system clipboard or from other PDF documents by dragging the pages.

    PDF Conversion


    You can convert any printable files to PDF documents, such as DOC, HTML, PPT, EXCEL and images; you can also convert PDF to DOC, TEXT, JPG, PNG, JPEG2000 and other images. You can also extract text and image from a PDF document, to save as Text or CSV file.

    PDF Editing


    The user can double-click a word/phrase to edit, or drag an area and then use the Text Editor tool to edit them in batches. You can also drag an area to select text, and then call "Delete Text", "Change Color", "Add Underline", "Apply Bold" or "Copy Text to Clipboard" functions.

    Batch Processing


    Batch Processing of PDFCool Studio is a convenient function to handle various kinds of PDFs. It supports the following modules: Replace Text, Resize Page, Crop Page, Rotation Page, Combine, Compress, Encrypt, Header & Footer, WaterMark, Backgrand, Insert Image, Add Hptspot and Add Barcode.

    Document Manipulation


    PDFCool Studio document manipulation supports 11 kinds of document processing functions, such as split, combine, compare and compress documents; and add header/footer, watermarks, background etc, which are outstanding among the competitive products.

    Security and Permission


    Security and permission function of PDFCool Studio allows the user to encrypt, decrypt multiple PDF documents, and set permission to PDF documents. PDFCool Studio also provides many encrypt policy models for you to encrypt PDF documents.

    Page Manipulation


    As a unique feature of PDFCool Studio, page manipulation contains 17 kinds of page processing functions. You can crop, merge, resize, replace, rotate PDF pages, or export pages to images etc. You can copy any pages from several PDFs, and then paste them into another PDF document or create a new PDF document.

    PDF to PDF


    PDFCool Studio have many methods to convert PDFs to PDFs. In the multi document environment of PDFCool, you can open several PDF documents at the same time, and assemble a new PDF document by copying, pasting, resizing, cropping, rotating or merging any page of these PDF documents. You can also create new PDF documents by splitting or combining your old PDF documents.

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