PDFCool Studio Help
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Install and Uninstall

Method 1

1. Click on the Start Menu on the Microsoft Windows task bar.
2. Click on Programs or All Programs.
3. Choose PDFCool Studio within the listed Programs(The default folder is IconCool Software\PDFCool Studio).
4. Click on Uninstall PDFCool Studio.

Method 2

1. Click on Start menu in the Windows task bar.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click on Control Panel.
4. Click Add/Remove Program.
5. Choose PDFCool Studio within the "Add/Remove Programs" list of programs.
6. Click Add/Remove.
7. Follow uninstall instructions.


After uninstallation, the Microsoft Windows Uninstall program often does not delete the main folders of programs. You might still see a PDFCool Studio folder after uninstallation. It's not very important. You may delete the folder manually or ignore it.

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