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Q: What are the differences between PDFCool Studio trial version and registration version?

A: PDFCool Studio is a "Shareware" program. Everyone is entitled to evaluate the software for 30 days without charge. After 30 days, if you decline to register, many functions of the software will automatically become invalid.
We have provided two different versions of PDFCool Studio: Trial version, full-working version.
Your PDFCool Studio is a trial version before registration.
You can share most of the functions of the software in 30 days, and a small PDFCool Studio mark will be added to your PDF document after you edit/modify it with PDFCool Studio. 

Q: How to purchase PDFCool Studio?

A: We offer Safe, Sure and Fast online order. With Secure Online Order you'll get the full version and registration code in a few minutes! We strongly recommend that you use our secure online, order facility. Our payment service providers: RegNow, ShareIt, RegSoft and Paypal. Specified steps as follows:

Step 1: Visit our site www. iconcool. com and open registration page.

Step 2: Click "Buy Now" button and submit an online payment within the order web page.

Note: If you don¡¯t need Backup CD - PDFCool Studio delivered by Shareit or Regnow, please click to remove, or you¡¯ll have to pay the Backup CD - PDFCool Studio.

Q: Whom should I contact while meeting any questions about PDFCool Studio?

A: If you have any questions about PDFCool Studio or any suggestions, please feel free to contact us with our Feedback system or e-mail to us via supports11@iconcool. com.

Q: How to convert various format files to PDF documents?

A: Click the menu item "Convert > Any to PDF", check files you want to convert to PDF documents in the list box. Then, click on the "Create PDF" button.
Note: When checking the "Convert each file to one PDF" option, each selected file will be converted to relevant individual PDF document.

Q: Why some PDF documents can not be edited, for example, inserting watermarks or adding background etc?

A: When a PDF document has been set the edit permissions, the user can not place some operations to that PDF document, such as inserting watermarks, page header/footer, background etc.

Q: How to tile multiple watermarks in a PDF document?

A: Click the menu item "Document > Watermarks", to open the Watermarks dialog, in which you can add text watermarks and images watermarks. Choose the PDF document you want to add watermarks from the opened PDF documents. Among the relevant parameters, you can choose the watermarks repeat times. Finally click on the Apply button to finish.

Q: What can I do when I can not clearly remember the password of a PDF document?

A: The decrypt function of PDFCool Studio allows you to easily handle this problem. If you can not clearly remember the password of a PDF document, you can go to "Security > Decrypt Document", to open the Decrypt dialog. You can enter up to 20 possible passwords in the Decrypt dialog, among which one is the right password; you can reset or remove the password of the PDF document.

Q: How to open PDF documents on computer without PDF reader installed?

A: Click the menu item ¡°Convert > EXE Builder¡±, to open the EXE Builder dialog. With this function of PDFCool Studio, you can pack PDF documents to EXE files, so that these files can be opened on computers without PDF reader installed.

Q: Why adding some PDF documents as watermarks, the watermarks opacity can not be adjusted?

A: If a PDF document is made of images, using it as watermarks, the watermarks opacity can not be adjusted.

Q: The relationships among Batch Processor, My File box and My Recycle?

A: Files in Batch Processor can be sent to My File box, or deleted to My Recycle; Files in My File box can be sent to Batch Processor, or deleted to My Recycle; Files in My Recycle can be sent to Batch Processor and My File box, and can also be crushed forever.

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